Château Des Roques, Cuvée Blanche 2018, Vacqueras white

A very small production of only 6000 bottles this Vacqueyras white is a blend of white Grenache, Marsanne, Viognier and Bourboulenc. This wonderful blend brings about a wine that has a pale yellow colour with golden highlights. To accompany its discreet nose of youth with floral scents, this wine is also citrus with a little touch of anise. The palate is generous with a well-balanced acidity which perches beautifully on aromas of pomelos and white peach, followed perfectly with pear. The flesh is fresh and a little mineral. With subtle notes of candied lemon and honey this is a great and very typical southern white!

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Wine category
Full-Bodied White Wine
Bourbelenc, Grenache, Marsanne, Viognier
Cotes du Rhone
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Food pairing


Onion, Garlic, Shallot

Delicate Buttery Cheese

Brie, Camembert, Époisses, Burrata


Porcini, Shitake, Oyster Mushroom, Button Mushroom

Nutty Hard Cheese

Gruyere, Comte, Emmental,


Lobster, Crab, Shrimp, Langoustines

White Meat

Chicken, Pork, Chop, Tofu
The producer

Château Des Roques

Château des Roques is a family-run estate that has adopted a philosophy advocating sustainable agriculture, manual harvesting, and natural fertilizers. They grow the main Rhone grape varieties such as Grenache, Mourvèdre, Syrah, Marsanne, Bourboulenc, Viognier… on an exceptional terroir from which was born the Vacqueyras Cru, renowned throughout the world.


Marc Venverloo