Chateau Favori, Favori Méditerranée 2021, Rosé

A typical pale pink colour for this organic Provence rosé, a fresh noise of white fruits and some floral notes. The freshness comes back on the palate with even a slight saline hint, the length is very nice with white flowers as the main flavor. The main wine pairings are charcuterie, seafood and of course long afternoons in the south of France, this wine will take you there, enjoy it nicely chilled !


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Wine category
Rosé Wine
Cinsault, Grenache, Merlot, Syrah
Cote De Provence
Bio-dynamic, Organic
Alcohol content
Product code

Food pairing

Aromatic Green Herb

Mint, Basil, Coriander

Cured Meat

Bacon, Charcuterie, Ham


Halibut, Cod, Salmon, Bass, Trout, Seabass

Harvest Vegetable

Carrot, Squash, Turnip, Pumpkin

Salty, Crumbly Cheese

Feta, Halloumi, Old Goats Cheese


Lobster, Crab, Shrimp, Langoustines

Strong Marinades

Barbecue, Teriyaki, Vinegar Marinades

White Meat

Chicken, Pork, Chop, Tofu
The producer

Chateau Favori


Chateau Favori has it's vineyards on a slight altitude of 200m surrounded by forests and a soil that can provide precious groundwater even in cases of prolonged drought. The vineyard has naturally everything that you could wish for in abundance, sunshine a rich soil and natural groundwater. Sustainability is at the heart of the vineyard, organic farming and winemaking, renewable energies such as solar panels and a natural irrigation system. The soils are revitalized using bio-dynamic methods. Chateau Favori is a an old vineyard but has renewed with bottling its own wines only since 2019, and the main goal is to show the excellence of the terroir and the famous rosé de Provence.