Perfect Sauvignon Blanc

The Perfect Sauvignon Blanc case has 3 different wines from Loire Valley and Bordeaux, for the absolute Sauvignon lover.
In the white Bordeaux you will find it blended with Semillon to make it rich and vivid wine with floral notes and citrus fruit and the oak aging will give a long-lasting finish.
Followed by Reuilly white, the less known neighbor or Sancerre, but just as good with a lower price tag. A fresh wine full of citrus fruit and almond.
And last but not least a Touraine Sauvignon, crispy and fruity at the same time, perfect for an aperitif or goat’s cheeses.

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Vignobles Hermouet

During the past thirty years the Vignobles Hermouet’s goal has been to keep evolving, keep making tremendous wines and keep on navigating each grape’s journey from the vine to the glass.  Whether at Clos du Roy in the town of Saillans or at Château Roc Meynard in the neighboring town of Villegouge, by sourcing the

Domaine Tabordet

The domaine Mardon and Tabordet are jointly running their vineyards with the greatest care of the soils and nature , the objective being full conversion to organic wine making in the next few years. They use plants to filter the water and lower the risk of diseases in the vineyards .The entire wine making process

Les Athletes du Vin

Les Athletes du Vin is a négociant project focused on producing great value typical wines from the Loire Valley. The idea was conceived by a group of French winemakers called Vini Be Good who work together to distribute their wines in France. The wines are vinified by various members of the Vini Be Good network