Winter – White

The white winter case is made of 3 wines to fit all occasions, first a white from Cote du Rhone that has a very aromatic nose and yet has good freshness on the palate, white flowers and green tea you will easily recognise in it and some exotic fruits, a perfect aperitif wine or fish of course. The second one is from an appellation called Saint-Guilhem-le-desert, it is north of Montpellier slight elevated. The height at which the vines grow give this Viognier with a little bit of Sauvignon Blanc and stunning freshness and yet a lot of complexity, dried apricot sweet pastry on the palate and ripe fruit and almonds on the palate, amazing wine for its money. And the last one is a pure expression of Sauvignon Blanc, citrus fruit with mineral hints a must-have for your seafood platters or goat’s cheeses.

£71.80 per case
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