Château Brethous

Château Brethous

Château Brethous has a long history dating back to the 16th century and the name remains the same today. It is the Verdier family that buy the vineyard in 1963 and since then it has been in the family. In 2008 Cecile Maillé-Verdier takes over from her parents together with her husband Thierry. The vineyard was already run in an organic way but they decide to convert to fully organic and go for the certification. This is merely for the search quality and expression of their soils. They aim to produce the best wines in the most ecological way, and have added a lot of Biodynamic practices to their vineyard management.The wines are on average 25 years old and each year they try to make the best balance between fruit and structure in their wines to express the authenticity of their soils. The vineyard now has 16 hectares of which 72% is planted with Merlot and 20% with Cabernet Sauvignon , the rest is Cabernet Franc.  Their wines are a very good example of Bordeaux wines that are excellent and can still be affordable.

Top wines from Château Brethous

Château Brethous, classic 2015, Cadillac, Bordeaux, Merlot

Château Brethous, classic 2016, Cadillac

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