Chateau De La Selve France

Chateau De La Selve

Benoit Chazalon was born to be a winemaker, his family history links him to one of the best known wine merchants of the Rhone Valley, Delas. From a young age he spends a lot of his time in the vineyards and wineries of the Rhone Valley. He wants to prove that Ardeche wines deserve their

Domaine Matray & Filles France

Domaine Matray & Filles

From the vineyards to the chai, Domaine Matray combines know-how and tradition with progress and innovation. The vineyards have been in the family for 4 generations when Bruno and his brother Patrick took over the family estate in Fleurie in 1991. After a few years they started restructuring the vineyard to increase the quality of

Domaine La Bonne Tonne France

Domaine La Bonne Tonne

In 2016 Anne-Laure Grillet et Thomas Agentensi takeover the family estate situated in Morgon, Anne-Laure is from a line of winemaker and for 3 generations the estate has gone from mother to daughter. As a homage to this they created in 2020 the Morgon ” Dame De Coeur”. Thomas is also from the Beaujolais region

Domaine de Petit Roubié France

Domaine de Petit Roubié

Located in the heart of the Languedoc region, in Occitania, and very close to the Thau lagoon, the Domaine de Petit Roubié has been certified Organic Agriculture (ECOCERT certification) since 1985, which makes it a pioneer in this type of cultivation. Operating 80 hectares of land spread between the communes of Pinet, Florensac, Marseillan, Castelnau

Cros des Calades France

Cros des Calades

The Cros des Calades is a newly created winery by Florence and Benoit Chazallon du Chateau de la Selve. They vinify the organic grapes of 5 vineyards around their cellar that are only 5 km away. It is situated in Grospierre in the southern rhone region. They have the same ethos as on their main

Domaine De La Cotelleraie France

Domaine De La Cotelleraie

Nestled in the picturesque Loire Valley, Domaine de la Cotelleraie stands as a testament to the Vallée family’s enduring commitment to winemaking. Across several generations, the Vallée family has cultivated a profound love for the vine, a legacy that became an integral part of the current owner’s upbringing from an early age. Initiated into the

Domaine Eric Thill France

Domaine Eric Thill

Eric and Bérengère Thill live in the village of Trenal, close to the commune of Gevingey where their vines are planted. They settled in Jura a decade ago seeking opportunities to grow and make wine that were unattainble to them in Eric’s native Alsace. The pair began making wine in 2009 with just 2.8ha of grapes

Domaine Des Ronces France

Domaine Des Ronces

Estate founded in 1950 by Georges MAZIER in the town of Orbagna, located south of the Jura vineyards, on AOC COTES DU JURA soil. The operation was taken over in 1986 by Michel MAZIER, son of Georges. Over the years, the estate has grown to reach an area of ​​6 ha. In 2010, the estate

Domaine Jean-Paul et Charly Thevenet France

Domaine Jean-Paul et Charly Thevenet

Charly Thévenet, a rising star in Beaujolais who, following in the footsteps of his father, Jean-Paul, is seamlessly transitioning into the role of winemaker extraordinaire. In 2007, Charly embarked on his winemaking journey in the hidden gem of Beaujolais, Régnié, carving his path in this illustrious wine region. Born into a legacy of innovation, Charly’s

Chateau Favori France

Chateau Favori

  Chateau Favori has its vineyards at a slight altitude of 200m surrounded by forests and soil that can provide precious groundwater even in cases of prolonged drought. The vineyard has naturally everything that you could wish for in abundance, sunshine-rich soil and natural groundwater. Sustainability is at the heart of the vineyard, organic farming

Domaine Preignes France

Domaine Preignes

Situated between Béziers and Agde, on the sunny terraces of the Languedoc vineyards, winemaker, Jérôme Vic, and wine expert, Aurélie Vic, welcome you to Domaine Preignes le Vieux, an exceptional location that, over the last five generations, has been carefully preserved by passionate men and women. More than just a vineyard, come along and discover this outstanding site, steeped in

Domaine Les 4 Vents France

Domaine Les 4 Vents

Le Domaine de Lucie/Domaine les 4 Vents Lucie Fourel and Nancy Cellier Crozes-Hermitage Rouge, Crozes-Hermitage Blanc 10 hectares   Domaine les 4 Vents, formerly Le Domaine de Lucie is the domaine of Lucie Fourel and her sister, Nancy Cellier.   Lucie is a young “vigneronne”, who in 2006 took over 3.5 hectares in Crozes-Hermitage from her

François Le Saint France

François Le Saint

Francois le Saint, Loire Valley, Sancerre The vineyards cover nearly 56 hectares of vines which are for 80% planted with the ancient and noble Sauvignon varietal. The remainder is planted with the delicate and elegant Pinot Noir grape. The domaine  uses traditional and artisanal methods in the vineyard and thrives to respect the environment at

Domaine Duseigneur France

Domaine Duseigneur

A family Tradition Five generations of winemakers Hailing from a family of winemakers, settled in Saint Laurent des Arbres, on the other side of the Rhône, I took charge of the Domaine in 2002. After an investment banker experience in the City, I reconnected with my Mediterranean roots by continuing my father’s and brother’s work, Jean

Domaine Bonnet Huteau France

Domaine Bonnet Huteau

  BONNET-HUTEAU, WINEMAKERS IN ORGANIC FARMING SINCE 2005… Jean-Jacques, Rémi Bonnet, Vincent Pineau are passionate winemakers. They have been operating the Domaine Bonnet-Huteau – a family propriety for more than 150 years – in the center of the Sèvre & Maine appelation. They give their best to develop a whole palette of flavours of Muscadet

chateau labadie France

chateau labadie

The Bibey family has been in the Médoc for many generations. Having settled in Bégadan, Jean-Mathieu Bibey, Jérôme’s grandfather, began cultivating vines as a farmer. At the time, he took the grapes to the village cooperative to produce chateau Pontet Barrail, as polyculture and livestock farming were de rigueur. The vineyard has been planted on

Clos Signadore France

Clos Signadore

It is the historic vineyard that gave its name to the estate. The 4.5 ha of Clos Signadore was acquired by Christophe Ferrandis in 2001. Mostly planted with Nielluciu, there are rows of Vermentino which allow the production of Clos Signadore white. The entire estate was converted to organic viticulture in 2010. Planting density is usually between

Domaine Mas de la Dame France

Domaine Mas de la Dame

Cited in the predictions of Nostradamus, painted by Van Gogh, mentioned by Simone de Beauvoir, the Mas de la Dame has been producing wine and olive oil for four generations. Caroline Missoffe and Anne Poniatowski, the founder’s great-granddaughters, now manage this estate which extends over three hundred hectares, including 57 hectares of vines and 28

Domaine Chasselay France

Domaine Chasselay

25 km north west of Lyon, for more than six centuries, has been the home of Domaine Chasselay in the Beaujolais region. Claire and Fabien Chasselay, the latest generation to own and run the vineyard, joined in 2007. The own parcels in Fleurie, Morgon and plots for Beaujolais villages.They have proudly carried forward the wine

Domaine Barou France

Domaine Barou

In 1997, after studying viticulture and oenology in Orange and Avignon, Emmanuel took over the family domaine in the northern Rhone valley and oriented the exploitation towards viticulture. This specialization resulted in the planting of new plots in AOC Saint-Joseph and Condrieu AOC, and the renovation of an old barn into a new chai. Today,

Nicolas Badel France

Nicolas Badel

In 1999 he acquired his vineyards in Saint-Joseph and Condrieu near the town of Limony and began by selling his wine to the local cooperative. It wasn’t until 2010 that he finally started bottling wine under his own name from his own 8 hectares, which says a lot about Nicolas. He is not one to

Vignobles Roy-trocard France

Vignobles Roy-trocard

The history of the Roy-Trocard family begins nearly 400 years ago, in 1628. It was in this year that the family acquired its  first vines in the locality of Libourne near Bordeaux. Since 1628, each generation has produced a wine-grower; the vineyards handed down through fifteen generations of the men and women of the Roy-Trocard family.

Vincent Bachelet France

Vincent Bachelet

Vincent Bachelet is the 3rd generation of the Bachelet family to work the 17 hectares the domaine now has, the grapes come from the most prestigeous appellations in Burgundy and the agriculture is done with minimal intervention. The domaine produces 60% of Pinot noir wines and 40% is Chardonnay. The grapes come from appellations like

Château Des Roques France

Château Des Roques

Château des Roques is a family-run estate that has adopted a philosophy advocating sustainable agriculture, manual harvesting, and natural fertilizers. They grow the main Rhone grape varieties such as Grenache, Mourvèdre, Syrah, Marsanne, Bourboulenc, and Viognier… on an exceptional terroir from which was born the Vacqueyras Cru, renowned throughout the world. The wines produced in

Domaine de Piéblanc France

Domaine de Piéblanc

Created in 2014, Domaine de Piéblanc is located on the northern hills of Caromb close to Mont Ventoux. Reaching an altitude of 300 meters, our 7 hectares of vines in AOC Ventoux are protected with oaks, pines and hundreds of olive trees. In addition, they own 15 hectares of terraced vineyard on a unique terroir called Terres du Trias near the

Domaine les Caizergues France

Domaine les Caizergues

Domaine les Caizergues is a family-owned vineyard that nestles in the foothills of the Cévennes to the north of Montpellier in the south of France. All the wines produced on this small estate are made with real passion, dedication and oodles of skill. Rich and fruity, the wines bear witness to the vineyard’s wonderfully warm,

Les Athletes du Vin France

Les Athletes du Vin

Les Athletes du Vin is a négociant project focused on producing great value typical wines from the Loire Valley. The idea was conceived by a group of French winemakers called Vini Be Good who work together to distribute their wines in France. The wines are vinified by various members of the Vini Be Good network

Domaine des Hautes Noelles France

Domaine des Hautes Noelles

Domaine Les Hautes Noelles was founded in 1930 in the village of St Leger Les Vignes. And is in the appellation of Muscadet Cotes de Grandlieu. For many years Les Hautes Noelles has been committed to a process of organic farming in order to preserve the environment. Today every white wine produced by Les Hautes

Aegerter France


The Winenot story began with a meeting, that of Paul and David. A wine producer and a native of burgundy. Paul grew up among the vines, Pinot and Chardonnay flow through his veins. David, a speciality wine merchant. A shared passion for local produce together with a spirit of adventure led the two friends to

Château Brethous France

Château Brethous

Château Brethous has a long history dating back to the 16th century and the name remains the same today. It is the Verdier family that buy the vineyard in 1963 and since then it has been in the family. In 2008 Cecile Maillé-Verdier takes over from her parents together with her husband Thierry. The vineyard

Domaine de Camaisette France

Domaine de Camaisette

The Family run estate exists for 4 generations and has 23 hectares of vineyards. They produce red, white, and rosé and have converted to organic winemaking.

Nicolas Père et Fils France

Nicolas Père et Fils

The 40ha of vineyards from Domaine Nicolas are exploited with techniques respectful of the soil and nature. 

Domaine de la Charité France

Domaine de la Charité

The family estate created in 1964 has gone totally organic in 2012 and produces wines issue of one single grape variety and some stunning blends. The wines include red white rosé from Cotes du Rhone and some amazing Chateauneuf du Pape.

Château Montfin, Jérome Estève France

Château Montfin, Jérome Estève

Château Montfin, in the Languedoc- Roussillon region, unlike many vineyards, has not been handed down from father to son through the generations but Chateau Montfin are passionate about wine and in love with nature. Indeed, the story of Chateau Montfin tells of this passion together with falling in love with a jewel of Corbière that is

Domaine Lacroix-Vanel France

Domaine Lacroix-Vanel

Marc Olivier Bertrand a young winemaker with a solid learning and a great experience takes over the vineyard in 2016 to produce wines in full harmony with nature, trees, and bushes make a good place for predators to live to protect the vines from insects, nature regulates itself without and chemicals.

Domaine Cauvard France

Domaine Cauvard

Domane Cauvard has some of the most prestigeous soils of the cote de beaune including the hills of Corton and Cote de Beaune premier cru . The cultivation of the vines is done in a sustainable way of nature and no chemicals are used , only natural products to protect the vines.The wines are all

Domaine Mardon France

Domaine Mardon

The domaine Mardon and Tabordet are jointly running their vineyards with the greatest care of the soils and nature , the objective being full conversion to organic wine making in the next few years. They use plants to filter the water and lower the risk of diseases in the vineyards .The entire wine making process

Michel Marcoult France

Michel Marcoult

The family business was created in 1967 by Michel Marcoult who lovingly passed the baton and all his wine making knowledge on to his son Francis. As the estate continues to respect tradition it also develops and cultivates wines of the highest calibre, garnering numerous awards inthe process. Fortunate to work with three contrasting terroirs

Domaine Gueguen

Domaine Gueguen

Demanding climate, limestone soil with multiple nuances, various valleys that offer contrasting micro-climates, Chablis and Auxerrois Vineyard is a mosaic of terroirs.The diversity of plots is a challenge for us. The balance between soil and micro-climate differs everywhere. You can observe it at harvest time, when a plot can achieve ripeness 3 weeks after the

Alma Cerius France

Alma Cerius

The winemakers of Alma Cersius have vineyards in three villages in the Languedoc-Roussillon region: Cers, Portiragnes & Villeneuve les Béziers. It’s 1200 hectares of a mosaic of grape varieties in appellations like Pays d’Oc and Coteaux de Béziers. The vineyards benefit from an oceanic microclimate on a terroir of rolled pebbles, smoothed by wind currents. They

Château Les Croisille France

Château Les Croisille

The Beginning In 1979, Bernard and Cécile Croisille moved to Fages, located in the countryside surrounding the tiny town of Luzech. Their sole wealth was their youthful exuberance, a passion for working the land and a dream of building a life around this passion. They decided to become tenant farmers of a parcel of land

Domaine Allegria France

Domaine Allegria

Allegria is a domain that is entirely respectful of the environment from the organic growing of the grapes to the building in wood of the vinification cellar. All harvesting is done manually and only a tiny bit of sulfite is used to protect the wines. The main grape is the Syrah variety but besides that,

Domaine Breton France

Domaine Breton

After setting up in 1989 and converting to organic agriculture the following year Catherine and Pierre Bretton precide over vineyards in the Bourgueil, Chinon and Vouvrey regions, evolving and creating truly special wines that continue to turn heads and please palettes.  Indeed, the different appellations provide varied soil types; the Bourgueil offering gravel, limestone and

Domaine des Terres d’ocre France

Domaine des Terres d’ocre

After travelling the southern hemisphere garnering experience in New Zealand and South Africa, Florent Barichard settled back in his homeland in 2013 on the sandy terrains of Châtel-de-Neuvre. With the support of his aunt and uncle, Valérie and Éric, he divided up his 9.5 hectares vineyard, dedicating a third of it to white grape varieties

Domaine Guerrin France

Domaine Guerrin

Respect the vine, enjoy the wine, that is the Domaine Guerrin & Fils ethos. At the heart of a protected natural site between the Roche de Solutré and the Roche de Vergisson in southern Burgundy, just to the west of Mâcon, is the village of Vergisson where our wine estate first took root. Created in

Domaine J Gsell France

Domaine J Gsell

The Gsell family moved to organic winemaking in 2007. They represent about 10 hectares of vineyard on the famous hills of Bollenberg and also the grand cru of Pfingstberg and Spiegel. With the greatest of respect to the environment, they use a mix of tradition and modern winemaking in their vineyards and cellars.  

Domaine Joubert France

Domaine Joubert

Domaine Marcel Joubert is a traditional family farm that dates back over 4 generations, having forged bonds, built memories and created a conveyor belt of truly superb wines.  When Marcel Joubert took control of the 10 hectacre farm in 1972, he began to preserve the heritage of the old vines while applying organic viticulture without

Domaine Merieau France

Domaine Merieau

The Vignoble des Bois Vaudons estate spreads over 35 hectares across the hillsides on the banks of the Cher River, its rich and complex soils ensuring the production of a range of wines that are varied and rich in colour while supporting vines that encompass the young to the ageless.  The estate has been run

Domaine Tabordet France

Domaine Tabordet

The domaine Mardon and Tabordet are jointly running their vineyards with the greatest care of the soils and nature , the objective being full conversion to organic wine making in the next few years. They use plants to filter the water and lower the risk of diseases in the vineyards .The entire wine making process

Domaine Tatin France

Domaine Tatin

Taking over the family farm in 1988 Chantal Wink and Jean Tatin started the revival of Quincy A.O.L – a stunning 300 hectare site rich with verdant sweeping views. Not content with this achievement they dreamt of creating a new and improved vineyard in their own image and raising the bar even higher. Before long

Vignoble du Loup Blanc France

Vignoble du Loup Blanc

To preserve the nature that surrounds us , observation and common sense guide us .The highest priority is given to the vines so that the raw product is of the highest quality .Terroir wines are a combination of 3 elements that you can’t dissociate , soil,climat and grape variety .We logically orientated ourselves to organic

Vignobles Bardet France

Vignobles Bardet

Roger Bardet passed on to his son Philippe a passion for growing wine, a taste for doing work well and a deep respect for the estate. In 2008, Philippe took over Château Franc le Maine in Bordeaux, another Saint-Emilion Grand Cru.“A subtle blend of technical innovations and environmental practices designed to reveal the treasure within

Vignobles Hermouet France

Vignobles Hermouet

During the past thirty years the Vignobles Hermouet’s goal has been to keep evolving, keep making tremendous wines and keep on navigating each grape’s journey from the vine to the glass.  Whether at Clos du Roy in the town of Saillans or at Château Roc Meynard in the neighboring town of Villegouge, by sourcing the

Vincent Careme France

Vincent Careme

Domaine Vincent Careme is a family estate with old fashioned principles and new world ideas, situated in the A.O.C. of Vouvray, and renowned for its high range quality Chenin Blanc and sparkling wines. Vincent and Tania Careme inherited 5 hectares of vines in prime Vouvray terroir from Vincent’s parents and have since created a truly

Domaine Maby France

Domaine Maby

The History of the Domaine, Initially the wines were produced for home consumption After the Second World War, Domaine Maby was officially launched by Armand Maby, who developed a modern, functional winery and acquired new plots of vines. In 1946, the first bottles bearing the “Domaine Maby” label were produced. In the 1960s, Armand was