Domaine Joubert

Domaine Joubert

Domaine Marcel Joubert is a traditional family farm that dates back over 4 generations, having forged bonds, built memories and created a conveyor belt of truly superb wines. 

When Marcel Joubert took control of the 10 hectacre farm in 1972, he began to preserve the heritage of the old vines while applying organic viticulture without certification and without compromise. Following his own distinctive philosophy he helped make wines that were an authentic expression of the terroir, refusing to filter or to use sulphur, preferring to utilize the indigenous yeasts to carry out the fermentations. Now, in the present day, the fields have an organic certification that has been effective since the 2012 vintage and the Domaine is in rude health indeed.

Marcel Joubert precedes over five appellations in total; Beaujolais, Brouilly, Chiroubles, Fleurie and Morgan the various soils, altidudes and exposures giving each of their wine their own identities and complexities while remaining true to Joubert traditions.


Top wines from Domaine Joubert

Domaine Joubert, La Cote de Py 2018, Morgon

Domaine Joubert, La Cote de Py 2020, Morgon

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