Bourboulenc is a white wine grape variety that is grown in the southern Rhône Valley of France, as well as in other wine regions of the country. It is known for producing crisp, fresh, and aromatic wines with flavours of green apple, citrus, and stone fruit, as well as floral and herbal notes.

Bourboulenc is often used as a blending grape in the southern Rhône Valley, where it is a key component in wines such as Châteauneuf-du-Pape and is used to bring freshness and acidity to the blend. It is also used to make varietal wines, especially in the Rhône region, where it is prized for its delicate flavours and aromas.

Bourboulenc is a relatively early-ripening grape variety, which makes it well-suited to warm climates. It is also a hardy variety that can tolerate drought and other environmental stress, which makes it well-suited to the dry and hot climate of the southern Rhône Valley.

Overall, Bourboulenc is an important grape variety in the southern Rhône Valley and is appreciated for its versatility and the fresh and aromatic wines it produces.

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