Clos Signadore

It is the historic vineyard that gave its name to the estate. The 4.5 ha of Clos Signadore were acquired by Christophe Ferrandis in 2001. Mostly planted with Nielluciu, there are rows of Vermentinu which allow the production of Clos Signadore white. The entire estate was converted to organic viticulture in 2010. Planting density is usually between 4500 and 5000 vines / ha. Vines are conducted in traditional free or trellised goblet.
Maintaining a significant leaf cover creates a cool microclimate in the fruiting zone and allows the phenolic maturity of the grape to be reached. Consequently, the tannins are less hard, the wines gain in complexity and depth, thanks to the long cycle.

Top wines from Clos Signadore