Domaine Merieau

The Vignoble des Bois Vaudons estate spreads over 35 hectares across the hillsides on the banks of the Cher River, its rich and complex soils ensuring the production of a range of wines that are varied and rich in colour while supporting vines that encompass the young to the ageless.  The estate has been run by the Mérieau Family for four generations, Jacky handing the reigns – and the vines –  to his son Jean-François in 2000, who along with his wife Emilie have committed themselves to the cause. Jean-Francois, who studied in Amboise then in Bordeaux before training in famous vineyards across the county tirelessly works the soils, plowing, cutting heavily and harvesting by hand  Jean-Francois and Emilie continue to produce wines of the highest quality, each with their own identity that perfectly adheres to the Mérieau family ethos; honesty, passion and excellence.


Top wines from Domaine Merieau