Vincent Careme

Domaine Vincent Careme is a family estate with old fashioned principles and new world ideas, situated in the A.O.C. of Vouvray, and renowned for its high range quality Chenin Blanc and sparkling wines. Vincent and Tania Careme inherited 5 hectares of vines in prime Vouvray terroir from Vincent’s parents and have since created a truly unique 15 hectares space which includes the superb Le Clos terroir.

The vines are south-facing and managed using organic sustainable practices, while the wine is matured in oak casks, the majority of which are up to 10 years old ensuring that Vincent is gaining a reputation as one of Vouvray’s finest producers, being praised by the likes of Jancis Robinson and Chris Kissack who recently said: “If there is a Vouvray resurgence coming, Carême will be at its heart.”