Chateau De La Selve

Chateau De La Selve

Benoit Chazalon was born to be a winemaker, his family history links him to one of the best known wine merchants of the Rhone Valley, Delas. From a young age he spends a lot of his time in the vineyards and wineries of the Rhone Valley. He wants to prove that Ardeche wines deserve their place on the wine market, he’s convinced of the high potential the region and the soils have to offer, very hot sunshine but cool nights combined with soils that are argilo-calcaire , with smells of truffles and humus. In the vines he wants the soils and vines to protect them selves with the help of organic and bio-dynamic tools and preparations.In the winery a minimum of intervention to let the full potential of the fruit express itself.The result is a selection of wines that reflect the Ardeche terroir, definitely a future famous winemaker.

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Chateau de le Selve Berty

Chateau de la Selve, Berty 2020, Igp Ardèche

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