Domaine Des Ronces, Aop Cote du Jura 2012, Vin Jaune

The yellow wine “Vin Jaune” from the Domaine Des Ronces, within the Jura region made from the Savagnin grape variety, has a brilliant and limpid golden yellow colour. These aromas of nuts, dried fruits, spices, white-fleshed fruit and floral notes give you a filling, subtle palate. Yellow wine is expressed through exceptional aromas on the palate: walnuts, green apple, dried fruits and exotic spices (curry, saffron, ginger) This wine can be kept for 20 to 30 years.

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Full-Bodied White Wine
Cotes du Jura vin Jaune
Biodynamic wines, Organic wines
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Domaine Des Ronces

Domaine Des Ronces

Estate founded in 1950 by Georges MAZIER in the town of Orbagna, located south of the Jura vineyards, on AOC COTES DU JURA soil. The operation was taken over in 1986 by Michel MAZIER, son of Georges. Over the years, the estate has grown to reach an area of ​​6 ha. In 2010, the estate was converted to Organic Agriculture, it was certified ORGANIC in 2013. In 2014, the estate turned to biodynamics (uses natural plants such as horn dung, silica and wicker herbal tea for treatment). They produce a large varieties of wines from Crémant to Pinot noir and Vin Jaune.

Domaine des Ronces