Vignobles Hermouet, Clos du Roy 2018, Fronsac

Embark on a sensory journey with Vignobles Hermouet‘s 2018 Clos du Roy Merlot Red wine, a masterpiece showcasing Bordeaux”s winemaking excellence. From its tightly wound bouquet emerges a symphony of abundant black fruit, patiently awaiting discovery within the bottle.

With the first sip, experience a medium-bodied elegance, as rounded yet firm tannins perform a harmonious dance on the palate. Delight in the rich medley of blackberry and bilberry flavours, complemented by subtle mineral notes that enhance the depth of this Fronsac terroir exploration.

The tasting journey reveals a refined and persistent finish, a true hallmark of Vignobles Hermouet’s excellence. The 2018 Clos du Roy Merlot Red wine not only captivates but leaves an enduring impression, showcasing the best of this Fronsac estate.

In each sip, uncover the artistry and passion behind this bon vin – a truly très bon vin that elevates the Bordeaux experience. Cheers to the timeless allure of Vignobles Hermouet and their remarkable 2018 creation!


High Environmental Value (HVE) Wines
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Wine category
Full-Bodied Red Wine
High Environmental Value (HVE) Wines, Sustainable
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Food pairing

Bean / Legumes

Bean / Legumes

Pinto Bean, Black Bean, Navy Bean, Lentil
Fruity, Umami Cheese

Fruity, Umami Cheese

Cheddar, Gouda
Red Meat

Red Meat

Beef, Lamb, Venison
Umami Spice

Umami Spice

Coriander, Cumin, Turmeric
The producer
Vignobles Hermouet

Vignobles Hermouet

During the past thirty years the Vignobles Hermouet's goal has been to keep evolving, keep making tremendous wines and keep on navigating each grape’s journey from the vine to the glass.  Whether at Clos du Roy in the town of Saillans or at Château Roc Meynard in the neighboring town of Villegouge, by sourcing the best rootstocks and favouring high densities to get the most out of the soil Vignobles Hermouet produce high quality wines that continue to make a stir.