Discovery The Loire Valley White

The Loire valley also has a large variety of white wines and in this case we will make you try 3 different ones.
The first one is from the very Southern part of the Loire valley and has 80% of Chardonnay and 20% of a very local grape variety called Tressallier, it is from a young and talented winemaker called Florent Barichard. A dry white with a lovely minerality and hints of citrus fruits and white flowers.
The second one is a Sauvignon Blanc from the Athletes Du Vin, a crispy and fruity Sauvignon that will reveal lemon and orange on the palate. A perfect wine for aperitif or with fish or goat’s cheese.
And the last one is a Muscadet, made from the Melon of Burgundy grape variety, the vineyard has been in organic winemaking for many years and the results are fabulous.
The wine has a very floral nose and a palate of white peach, grapefruit and green apples.
This is a must for any seafood platter or a cheese board.
I hope you enjoy these as much as we do.

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Domaine des Terres d'ocre

After travelling the southern hemisphere garnering experience in New Zealand and South Africa, Florent Barichard settled back in his homeland in 2013 on the sandy terrains of Châtel-de-Neuvre. With the support of his aunt and uncle, Valérie and Éric, he divided up his 9.5 hectares vineyard, dedicating a third of it to white grape varieties

Domaine des Hautes Noelles

Domaine Les Hautes Noelles was founded in 1930 in the village of St Leger Les Vignes. And is in the appellation of Muscadet Cotes de Grandlieu. For many years Les Hautes Noelles has been committed to a process of organic farming in order to preserve the environment. Today every white wine produced by Les Hautes

Les Athletes du Vin

Les Athletes du Vin is a négociant project focused on producing great value typical wines from the Loire Valley. The idea was conceived by a group of French winemakers called Vini Be Good who work together to distribute their wines in France. The wines are vinified by various members of the Vini Be Good network