Located north of the Rhône, the Chiroubles cru is a gem nestled in the heart of its eponymous village. Chiroubles AOC boasts hillsides organised in granite cirques, forming amphitheatre-like valleys that provide optimal exposure to the vines. Standing as the highest vines in Beaujolais, often on steep inclines exceeding 30%, they offer a unique advantage of cool temperatures in the face of climate change. The dedicated Chiroubles growers, often deemed “heroic,” meticulously tend to their vineyards on these rugged hillsides, showcasing their physical prowess and commitment.

Chiroubles, an enchanting Beaujolais wine with an uncommon name, owes its ruby red colour and floral tones to the expertise of 80 dedicated wine growers. Day after day, they nurture the vines situated at altitudes ranging from 250 to 450 meters, basking in the constant embrace of sunshine. This meticulous care results in a delicious and unmistakable taste, a testament to the passion and skill poured into every aspect of Chirouble winemaking.

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