aoc Corse Sartene

Explore the captivating Sartène wine appellation, This sub-region, situated in the Corse-de-Sud district, boasts hills and valleys that create a unique microclimate, setting it apart from other Corsican areas and providing an ideal environment for viticulture. Influenced by its proximity to Italy, Sartène’s winemaking traditions seamlessly blend with the charm of both nations, resulting in wines that are truly distinctive and unparalleled in taste. The Corsican charm of Sartène extends to its wine varieties—red, rosé, and white—crafted from a diverse range of grapes. The region’s commitment to viticultural excellence is appreciated by numerous wine connoisseurs who recognize the prime quality of Corse Sartène wines. Location and Surroundings: Sartène is situated in the southern part of Corsica, with its main town sharing the same name. Neighbouring wine sub-regions include Porto-Vecchio, Figari, and Calvi. The region’s rich history, influenced by Corsican dialects and shared ties with northern Sardinia, adds to its cultural allure. Terroir: The central mountain range east of Sartène, combined with valleys and foothills, creates diverse microclimates that benefit viticulture. The Mediterranean climate, marked by the frequent Libeccio winds, mitigates mildew risks and adds a unique touch to the West Coast. The vineyards, located at 300 meters above sea level, embrace sturdy goblet-style training in granite soil. Wine Characteristics: Sartène wines, predominantly red and rosé, showcase subtlety, robustness, and power. The use of typical grape varieties like Grenache, Sciaccarello, and Nielluccio under AOC status produces rich and full-bodied reds, fruity and structured rosé, and floral and light whites. Native Corsican grapes such as Barbarossa and Vermentino add depth and nuance to the region’s winemaking tapestry. Experience the essence of Sartène’s wine culture—where tradition meets innovation, and every sip is a journey through Corsican terroir.

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