An Easter Sunday Menu

by Marc Venverloo
29 March 2021

An Easter Sunday Menu

Potted crab

The slightly spicy potted crab deserves a round and buttery white from Burgundy. This combination will enhance your starter and lift it to high levels of pairing. And our producer from Burgundy Domaine Guerrin has just what you need, whether you chose a Saint Véran or a Pouilly Fuissé, you won’t be disappointed with either of them.

Salmon en croute

Salmon en croute goes best with a white wine although even a light red wouldn’t do any harm to the dish or the wine. But my best pairing would come from a full rich Chablis, preferably a premier cru so that it has more body to it, the Chablis Premier Cru Vosgros from Domaine Gueguen would be an amazing match.
The other combination possible would be a white Bordeaux, a very rich white that will go lovely with the Salmon, Domaine Roy-Trocard chateau Mancèdre would be a stunning match.

Roast lamb

A very traditional Easter dish, your famous roast lamb and if you can get it from salted marsh land it’s even better. Lamb is a very strong dish and deserves a full-bodied red wine, whether you prefer from Bordeaux with high tannins or maybe from Cote du Rhone with full bodied fruit. In Bordeaux I would chose a full-bodied Fronsac from Clos du Roy  and in cote du Rhone a perfect companion would be Lirac from Domaine Maby

Simnel cake

With your dessert you will need something pretty complex because of the amount of flavours that you will get from the cake. I would consider 2 options, either a Riesling from Alsace made by Domaine Gsell  Or if you want to push the boat out try this lovely white called Coin Caché from our producer Domaine Mas de la Dame  nestled in the heart of Baux de Provence. It is a surprisingly complex wine made from Semillon grapes and Roussanne.